Meet our team of investors and advisors

As global entrepreneurs & operating executives with experience in building great companies in multiple industries, we have a particularly hands-on approach. We work closely with each portfolio company (pre and post-funding), founders and executives to develop the team, technology, commercial strategy. We seek to build a network of advisors, key opinion leaders & future investors to ensure the success and long term growth of the company we work with.

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Investment Team

Richard P. Kivel

Managing Director
  • CEO, COO & Board Director for public & private companies in the US, Europe & Asia.
  • Multiple exits.
  • Lecturer on entrepreneurship at MIT & other universities.
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Ruta J. Laukien

Partner - US Operations
  • 12 years experience in investment banking, private capital raising.
  • Expertise in building complex businesses in Europe & US.
  • Business operator with management, strategy & operations experience, with a legal background.
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Ruta Labalaukyte

  • 6 years at Invest Lithuania, attracting foreign direct investment into Lithuania & developing country’s value proposition.
  • Entrepreneurial and business operations experience of pan-European networks, US and European companies and startups.
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Natalie Torin

Senior Adviser
  • 10 years of experience in investors relations, partnerships, sales and marketing working with tech startups in UK, US and Europe.
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Dr. Michael Rossbach

Venture Partner
  • Seasoned life and health sciences professional, with expertise in immunology, diagnostics, cell-based therapeutics, neuroscience, and genomics.
  • Extensive international experience scouting technology and helping to build companies in Germany, Singapore and Spain and other locations.
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Diane Ibrahim

Operations Manager
  • Human Resources & Corporate Operations.
  • Extensive experience in managing portfolio company, public and investor relations.
  • Oversees all operations, finance and logistics for Partners.

Dr. Geraldine A. Hamilton

Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Entrepreneur, scientist, innovator. Confounder, former President & Chief Scientific Officer, and former Board Member of Emulate Inc.
  • Experience across startups, pharma, and academia with 5 years at Harvard University and an extensive publication record and patent portfolio. Internationally recognized expert on cell-based models and organ-on-chips.

Marissa Fayer

Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Medical Device Executive and Adviser in public and equity backed companies.
  • Listed as one of the Top 100 Women in MedTech.
  • Founder and CEO of HERhealthEQ, a global non-profit focused on women’s health equity in emerging and developing countries.
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Executive Advisors team

Our Executive Advisors are global industry experts and thought leaders in healthcare and complex technology, with extensive market relationships and commercialization experience.

Dr. Joseph Kvedar

  • Director MGH / Harvard Center for Connected Health.
  • Internationally recognized for his leadership & vision in the field of connected health.
  • Authored over 100 publications on the subject of connected health.
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Kerry Halferty Hardy

  • Co–founder and advisor of international advisory firm Alcuin Advisors.
  • HITLAB Fellow, supporting the development works to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare worldwide.
  • Board member and chair of the development committee at Competitive enterprise institute.
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Wunibald Guertler

  • Wunibald brings 20 years of banking experience as a former director at JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and UBS.
  • He spent considerable amount of time at venture capital firms and helped to build some of most notable VCs in GrayBella Capital core regions.
  • Wunibald is managing his family office now and supporting growth of European venture capital firms.
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John Brooks

  • Former CEO of Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston MA.
  • Founding General Partner of Prism Venture Partners.
  • Chairman of the Board for a number of highly-regarded healthcare organizations: Cellnovo Group SA (diabetes management system); College Diabetes Network (diabetes-focused non-profit) & Thermalin Diabetes, LLC (insulin technology).
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Vladas Lasas

  • Lithuanian entrepreneur, investor & public figure.
  • Member of a number notable organizations and NGO's.
  • Founder and CEO of Skubios UAB, Co–owner & founder of Elinta, Elin vision, GRE Holding.
  • Multiple awards including Bronze ‘Working Star’ of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and the 2012 International Business Peace Prize.
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Dr. Heiner Dreismann

  • Former President and CEO Roche Molecular Diagnostics
  • Regarded as a pioneer in the early adoption of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique.
  • Serves on the boards of several public and private health care companies
  • Master of science degree in biology and his doctor of philosophy degree in microbiology/molecular biology (summa cum laude) from Westfaelische Wilhelms University (The University of Münster) in Germany.