Responsible investing

At GrayBella Capital, our mission is to help build and grow companies impacting the global markets, driving real, positive change and creating fair opportunities globally.

We believe that empowering entrepreneurs who seek to improve the lives of the ones around them is the best way to develop communities globally.

Our goal is to drive value of the fund and portfolio companies pre- and post- investment by working closely with entrepreneurs and boards to build effective & diverse teams and ensure operational excellence.

We are continuing to build an extensive network of advisors, experts in their fields, and use their expertise to ensure sustainability of the fund and portfolio companies.

We will continue to leverage their knowledge to continuously adopt new governance models to drive long term success of our fund, portfolio companies and communities we invest in.

Why it is important for us?

In order to mitigate risks to the fund and portfolio we have incorporated environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles in our investment analysis, decision-making processes, ownership policies and practices in order to create sustainable and profitable investments.

We will continue to comply with UN Sustainable development Goals and will support our portfolio companies pre-and post-investment to adopt needed practices, as well.


Promote women leadership and women led startups
  • We have strong women leaders on our investment team, with impressive experience in building and supporting companies. Ruta, Ruta, Diane and Nancy have significant experience while helping companies grow. They are also promoting importance of women in private equity and venture capital by actively participating in a number of working groups.
  • We invest in growing companies with diverse teams, where women play significant role in leadership or operational teams, and support those teams by sharing our know-how and network.

women equality
Create diverse board of Executive Advisors
  • Our diverse Executive Advisors team, consists of industry leaders in their fields, including strong women, that have founded startups and supported a number of other women during their journey.
  • Both Luba and Iya have been acknowledged as leading way for women in healthcare and technologies, and they help us evaluate and support our investment.

You can discover our Executive advisors here!

Investment policy
  • When investing we are evaluating team’s diversity, and while it might not be the deciding factor, at post-investment stage our focus is on building a diverse board as it ensures better governance of the company.
  • Our goal is to have all groups represented and ensure we are building an organization where truly everyone can thrive besides their gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or beliefs.
  • We also promote diversity inside our portfolio companies while hiring executives and support teams, which are looking to build better performing companies.